The International Scientific Journal of
Management Information Systems

ISSN: 1452-774X    UDC 005:659.2    e-ISSN: 2406-114X



Mission of the Journal

The Journal enables authors to present their researches relating to advancing and improving the practice, as well as understanding information systems of the organization. The Journal accepts theoretical, methodological and empirical contributions, i.e. the works that significantly contribute the thematic fields of the Journal, i.e. management information systems. It will provide enough space for original empirical and developmental researches.

The works can be presented as:
Theoretical, clear and empirical researches on the conception, structure, development and usefulness of information systems being important for the progress of theory and practice.
Paradigmatic, methodological aspects of design, development and implementation of information systems.
Analysis and evolution of informatics strategy, policy and the application of information technologies to the social, economic, organizational and management aspects of the organization.

The International Scientific Journal of Management Information Systems is a quarterly journal, with the pretension to affirm the integral, holistic view of management information systems.