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Study Program: Advanced Data Analytics in Business

The purpose of the study program is education in the field of advanced data analytics (data science) through achieving of the following general learning outcome: mastering competencies in understanding big data, their preparation, modelling, evaluation and implementation of solutions in business, through the application of programming, statistics, machine learning, data manipulation, visualization, and respecting codes of ethics.
Beside the teachers from University of Novi Sad, the courses are delivered by profesors from Tor Vergata University in Rome, Vienna University of Economics and Business, University of Applied Sciences in Ulm, University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, CY Cergy Paris Université, and Centre for Research and Technology Hellas.

Location of study program Faculty of Economics in Subotica, University of Novi Sad, Department in Novi Sad
Educational-scientific field Interdisciplinary studies
Diploma title Master of Computer Science in Social Sciences
Length of studies 2 years (4 semesters) 120 ECTS
Planned number of students 25
Language of teaching at the study program English

  • Conditions for enrollment in the study program: For enrollment in two-year master's academic studies can apply persons who have completed the relevant basic academic studies lasting at least three years and worth at least 180 ECTS, or at least four years and worth at least 240 ECTS.
  • The curriculum contains eight compulsory and five elective courses that are taught over three semesters. The fourth semester is dedicated to the development of a master's thesis. This study program has no modules. One zero subject (Data campus) is planned for students to acquire the necessary prior knowledge for easier attendance of classes in the master's program later on. The zero subject is performed before the beginning of regular classes in the program and is not obligatory for students.
  • Score value of each course expressed in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS): All courses carry the same number of ECTS, i.e. 7 points, while the practice in the company carries 4 ECTS. The study program has a total of 8 compulsory courses (a total of 56 points), a basket of 10 elective courses from which 5 are chosen (a total of 35 points).
  • Credit value of the final thesis is 18 ECTS.

Public call for enrollment: May 2022
Enrolment of the first generation: September 2022
Start of lectures: October 1st 2022
Tuition fee: 102.000 RSD for Serbian students and 1.900 EUR for foreign students.

Academic Writing
Advanced Analytics with SPSS
Advanced Econometrics
Big Data Fundamentals
Business & Decision modeling
Business Cases
Deep Learning
Designing communication of results
Digital Marketing Analytics
Financial Analytics
Machine learning
Managing, Storage and Visualising Big Data
Master Thesis
Quantitative fundamentals
R for Data Science
Social Media Analytics
Supply chain and Operational Analytics
Time Series
Transaction-based analytics & Recommendation systems
Aleksandar Grubor
Aleksandar Kupusinac
Aleksandra Marcikic Horvat
Boris Radovanov
Dejan Brcanov
Dragan Stojic
Jason Papathanasiou
Laslo Seres
Luca Gnan
Mirko Savic
Nebojsa Gvozdenovic
Olivera Grljevic
Otilija Sedlak
Ronald Hochreiter
Sasa Bosnjak
Stephan Schlüter
Stojanka Dakic
Tsironis K. Loukas
Zita Bosnjak

Enrolment of the first generation of students at the first year of master studies at the study program “Advanced Data Analytics in Business” at the universities in Novi Sad is FREE OF CHARGE. Tuition fee is funded by the European Union, within the ADA project. After enrolling in the first generation, each partner university in ADA project will independently determine the amount of tuition fee for the following school year (2023/24). In the case of the University of Novi Sad (Faculty of Economics), the annual tuition fee will be around 2,000 euros. Public call for the school year 2022/23 will be announced in May 2022.

Enrolment of students is based on the public call which is published by University of Novi Sad.
Study program Advanced Data Analytics in Business can be enrolled by all students with completed bachelor studies of minimum 3 years with 180 ECTS points, or minimum 4 years with 240 ECTS.
Ranking of candidates for the enrolment at master studies is based on the following criteria:

  • General average grade obtained at bachelor studies;
  • Length of studies at bachelor studies.

If candidates after ranking have the same number of points (coefficient of success), advantage will have the candidate with shorter time of studying at bachelor studies.
Ranking will be made on the basis of coefficient of success, calculated on the basis of formula published in the text of public call.
Conditions of enrolment are defined precisely and the are available to the general public.

Necessary documents for submission of application
During submission candidates are PRESENTING ORIGINALS OF DOCUMENTS, an along application form (provided at the Faculty), candidates are submitting copies of documents:

  • Personal ID or passport and its copies.
  • Diploma, diploma supplement or certificate about finished bachelor academic studies.
  • Curriculum and program of previously finished level of studies.
  • Proof about the knowledge of English language. Highly recommended are Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English (CAE) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System or proof about finished secondary education on English language.

During enrolment copies of the documents must be replaced by originals, or in specific cases, with certified copies. Students not finishing bachelor academic studies at the Faculty of Economics in Subotica must submit diploma supplement or certificate about passed exams at bachelor academic studies.

Enrolment of foreign citizens
Master academic studies can be enrolled by foreign citizens under the same conditions as Serbian citizens. Candidates – foreign citizens are submitting nostrified diplomas about finished bachelor academic studies.
Foreign citizens can be enrolled at the study program if they submit the proof about knowledge of English language and if they have health insurance.
Foreign citizen with finished previous education abroad, can be conditionally enrolled at the study program in the case when recognition of foreign diploma is not finished before the deadline of submission, by submitting the proof that procedure of recognition is on the way. In the case when recognition of diploma is refused, or diploma is not relevant for the study program, it will be considered that enrolment was not conducted.

Important dates

Contact information: mirko.savic@ef.uns.ac.rs
ERASMUS+ project Advanced Data Analytics in Business http://www.ada.ac.rs/
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